Val grew up in Amber and has been an active if reluctant part of the court for most of his life. His friendly smile is a common sight around the castle. His light brown hair, somewhat tousled, falls nearly to his shoulders and matches a short scruffy beard. His brown, well loved, collared coat has clearly seen much use, weather worn and fraying in places. He commonly wears a serviceable looking short sword at his hip in a leather scabbard that has seen better days.

Val is a Baron and was knighted for service to Amber within the Golden Circle. He often acts as reluctant Ambassador to Golden Circle kingdoms at his mother Flora’s behest. To his mother’s disgust, he has made a name for himself as a mercenary for hire. His relationship with his mother is publicly known to be rocky, and he rarely takes the time to be as respectable as she would like. He maintains a town house within the city which is infamous for large gatherings that last late into the night.



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