The Scientist


Starting Scores

Psyche: 20
Strength: 5
Endurance: 10
Warfare: 15


I go out of my way not to introduce myself as the son of Corwin, believing the old bard ought to make his own way in the world and not ride on his son’s coattails, and because I don’t care to be prejudged according to my father’s reputation. There’s an unbelievable amount of baggage that comes along with being the spawn of the wielder of Greyswandir. None of that should suggest I’m at odds with the man. I mean, I do think he’s a bit of a bastard, but so are most of my uncles. It’s just the way he is, and he tries to look out for me.

Where did I grow up?

In the gas-lit London of Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, and Doctor Who: epic crimes, horrid murders, and alien ghosts galore. I spent my life with tutors and in private schools, the son of an heiress, with an interest in the sciences and mathematics, but spent a required amount of time in the military (Second Anglo-Afghan War).

What did I do after walking the Pattern? What kind of person was I during that time?

I went exploring, puzzled that the laws of the universe might not be the same everywhere, searching for the craziest places, those with laws at the greatest variance with the world in which I spent my youth. Which principles from one world would apply in another? Which would be catastrophic to depend on? Why is the value of π different here than in other worlds (or, alternatively, why is it the same in every world)?

Sometimes this meant bringing others along—mortals—who perished or couldn’t handle the local conditions. I try not to care too much about these mortals, knowing there are still an infinite number of them out there, alive.

A character connection with Ciara

We both had separate encounters with cunning manikins that can move through the shadows. They consider that ability to be their own territory and consequently hunt those beings they finds that also possess it. In Amber, swapping stories, we discovered our mutual experience and decided to hunt down the Strangers and prove Amberite dominion over shadow. They’re tall, gangly, gray, gaunt humanoids. We killed the one we found, thinking it an anomaly, but it turns out they’re a group or civilization.

A character connection with Frederick

Co-opted by Amber government to perform a mission, thrown together with no regard for our preferences: to retrieve Oberon’s latest object of desire, the Princess Melissa, of the Golden Circle kingdoms. We decided to make a practical joke out of such a shitty mission, kidnapping persons of gradually greater social standing, leaving gradually decreasing amounts of money as dowry, until we finally kidnapped the princess and left a single copper piece in her place. We eventually returned all the girls—it was a joke, after all—in order, since Oberon of course tired of Melissa within a fortnight.


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