A dashing prince of Amber, but the darkness lurks within.


Lucius is the youngest son of Oberon, born in Amber about 500 years ago. Oberon, well known for his lusts for the weaker sex, was enticed by a pretty serving girl in the palace. Or perhaps it was she who was attracted to power, but nonetheless, Lucius was conceived as a result. Much to his disappointment, Lucius was not recognized as a legitimate prince of Amber, and it remains his goal to be recognized for his due. To this end he has emulated all of the vicious and evil vices of his father, and will stop at nothing to gain power. Openly jovial with a dark sense of humor, he gets along well with Random, the only one of his brothers and sisters with whom he feels a connection. However, Lucius’ morals are perverse and twisted, as he considers all people not of the line of Amber to be mere creatures, useful only as a means to an end and not worthy of respect. In the shadows, he has dabbled in necromancy and the sacrifice of innocents to absorb their power for use in dark magics. He has spent much of his life in shadow, as he has never felt quite so comfortable or welcomed in the court of Amber. His seat of power is a technologically advanced interstellar empire, which he rules with an iron fist, using his necromantic powers and the strength of an Amberite that none can match.

A self-proclaimed “dashing prince of Amber”, Lucius dresses primarily in black and gold, and is clean shaven with an athletic build. He stands 6’2" tall, with dark flowing locks and eyes of a vibrant green. He prides himself on his mental prowess and willpower, and prefers to use technologically advanced weapons, disdaining the use of a sword except when in Amber.


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