Fredrick is a rugged but clean, bounty hunter. Think Stridder, just less pretty.

Fredrick was born and grew up in an Earth like shadow, about a 1940’s time frame. When he was in his mid-teens his parents were murdered. Fredrick found one of the two killers in just a couple days and exacted vengeance. He lost track of the other one and he took up the trade of a bounty hunter. It was nearly twenty years before he found the other killer, but there was never the option of leaving justice undelivered. Fredrick did not have time to start a family, there was to much injustice in the world and he was the only one that knew best how to make it Right.

After the killer was delivered mercy and his path was righted, Fredrick was discovered by Lucius and brought to Amber. Having just learned that his parents were not his real parents and not learning who his parent is, he was very much adrift.

He wandered shadow for awhile, and with nothing else to do, he continued to Dispense Justice, but on a grander scale. After a couple decades he became disillusioned and decided to start working on just one shadow at a time. After just a couple years of work here he was called back to Amber and his life seamed to gain much purpose in one swift stroke.

There was much work that he could do here in the Amber, much work indeed.


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