A Feisty Adventuress


Ciara is a lovely woman with a graceful athletic build. A handful of freckles are sprinkled across her nose and she is often seen with a barely suppressed quirk to her lips and a playful gleam in her hazel eyes. Her hair is long and a black so deep it looks almost blue in certain lighting. She usually wears her hair in a bun secured with chopsticks or pulled back in a loose pony tail.

Ciara is known to be one of the more friendly and approachable members of the royal family. Like her father Prince Benedict, she seems to have an attachment to her friends and servants who are shadow people, which baffles some of her relatives. She is also known for her artistic talent and finds much of her inspiration from her adventures in shadow. She particularly enjoys painting landscapes but is also an accomplished portraitist.


Growing up in the Golden Circle

I grew up in and around the Golden Circle spending time with both of my parents. My mother is a lady from the Court of the Tides and while we have an alright relationship, she never really could relate to my tom-boyish ways. I enjoyed being outdoors and learning to play every sport I could find. Whenever I was in the court of the tides, mother made sure that I had a variety of tutors to round out my education. They covered a wide range of topics from history and science to all of the skills expected of a lady of the court such as needlework, drawing, and “the art of conversation.”

Luckily it wasn’t all tutors all the time, because let’s face it, I would have gone crazy. I spent a decent amount of time traveling through shadow with dad. Usually it was just traveling for fun, but sometimes he would take me with him to a battlefield out in shadow that he found particularly interesting and instruct me on the finer points of warfare. It may sound boring, but I found it way more fun than my tutors back in the Court of the Tides and I always looked forward to those occasions, especially when I got a bit older and we would wade into the battle together.

I also got to spend a fair bit of time with my Uncle Gerard while I was growing up. He loved to sail and he taught me my way around a ship. I didn’t spend much time around my other uncles and aunts when I was younger as Uncle Gerard seemed to be the only sibling that dad somewhat trusted.

A Whole New World

After I walked the pattern I spent much of my time exploring shadow. I wanted to see as many shadows as I could and I wanted to experience…everything. I learned to fly planes and operate these funny little gliders that we launched off of a cliff. The gliders were quite terrifying but such an adrenaline rush. I raced motor boats and cars, and had a particularly thrilling hellride through shadow on a type of hovercraft. I also fought in many battles and studied forms of hand-to-hand combat whenever I could find them.

While I was traveling I set up trade routes into the Golden Circle, mostly through the Court of the Tides. I began collecting things from my travels and my manor in Amber is home to some of my many treasures. I especially enjoy collecting art, exquisite foods, and unique liquors from throughout shadow and sharing my finds with friends.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

During one of the occasions I was in Amber I met a younger cousin named Ava. Unlike many of my family members, she seemed genuine and nice and we hit it off right away. She was in Amber and planning on walking the pattern. I gave her advice and then went with her to watch while she walked the pattern. We arranged to meet a few months later and decided to have a fun girl’s trip together exploring shadow.

While we were enjoying an evening in a nightclub and attempting to get drunk, we decided that it would be fun to see how far we could shadow travel away from Amber. I’m sure it’s been attempted by many of our elders, but we thought it would be a fun experiment. Every few years we get together and go on another fun girl’s trip and see how much farther we can get in shadow.

The Greyman Complication

Another time when I was visiting Amber, I ran into my cousin Rogan and we swapped stories over dinner. While we were talking, we realized that we had both encountered the same cunning shadow creature. It was a strange humanoid with grey leathery skin and gangly limbs and it could follow us through shadow which shouldn’t be possible. The Greyman, as I called it, had gaunt features that were haunting and it had hunted both of us through shadow. We both had managed to give it the slip and luckily hadn’t seen it in a while.

We decided to track the Greyman down together and eliminating it since it had caused us so much trouble. We found one of his hideouts after some extensive searching and laid a trap. He put up quite a fight, but in the end we took him out and thought that would solve the problem. We didn’t want a creature that could travel through shadow that could harm our younger, less-experienced relatives. We thought he was the only one, but it turns out we may have been wrong…


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