Daughter of Caine


Home Sweet Home…

Tolii, the kingdom of two moons. A beautiful and uniquely prosperous kingdom to call ‘home.’ I say uniquely, under my former belief that we were in fact the most advanced of the realms. I realize now, that Tolii was but a small piece in the intricate threads of our universe, and hardly to be considered ‘advanced.’ But at the time, our steam-power, our airships, our ether, was a great sense of pride.

I grew up with my mother, Irene, and her husband, Thomas, who was no father to me by any stretch of the word, and made it quite clear that he would rather never be considered as such by me. I was born, the child of an unfaithful wife, who loved me no less, until her passing with the epidemic that swept over our city. For years, I tried to somehow appease Thomas, to make up for what I had no capability of changing. And I quickly saw how fruitless an endeavor that was.

I took up a rebellious life, fighting against those that wished to take authority over me. Perhaps it was my way of lashing out. But the life of a criminal, if you play the game properly, can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor. Smuggling, gun-running, racketeering that sort operation, if one was willing to take the risks, could often provide fantastic rewards… And I was willing.

The Pathway to Immortality

Walking the Pattern… was a painful and grueling thing, but what is immortal life worth if a lady isn’t willing to take a risk now and then? And it gave me the greatest reward I have ever had the pleasure of claiming. The ability to traverse Shadow, to find anything and everything my heart desired… Did I take advantage of it? I would have been stupid not to.

I pushed the boundaries as far as my mind would let me, sought out the most bizarre of landscapes. I went until my former reality was left in shambles in my past. And when I needed a break, I’d find a familiar world, and stake my claim on it in my usual, less-than-legal fashion. But wanderlust seems to have gripped me in my walking of the Pattern, and staying in one place could only be done for a few decades or so before I took to adventuring again. Even an immortal life is too short to see everything this universe has to offer.

A Sister in Adventure

Ciara and I have taken up a most bizarre hobby, one that some of our elders have warned us against. Every few years, we get together and venture out into shadow, to push our boundaries as far as we may be able. Sometimes, our trips are but a few weeks before we feel it in our best interest to head back to Amber… Others, can last months. But through all of it, she has been steadfast in her desire for knowledge and her curiosity is as strong as mine… Regardless if we find ourselves in trouble, or not.

A Brother in Arms

Lucius and I first met within the confines of an impressive tournament. And by confines, I mean that our blades crossed at the top rung of the final ladder, when we were the only two left standing amongst men and beasts. I admit, I underestimated him at first, thinking him to just be one of those rare, extraordinary men of Shadow. But it did not take long to realize that he was more than that, much more. And about the same time, I feel he made the same realization about me… Leaving us with a bit of a problem. Surely we could not slay one another, as Amberites, without good reason, of course. So, having only just met and not yet harboring any ill-feelings towards one another, we did the next most reasonable thing: We fought out way out of the tournament, when they decided to use force to convince us in continuing our attempts at murdering each other.


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