Session 1
Trouble on the home front

Eric uneasy on the throne; shipping has been harassed by water transport troubles: rumors persist that the Rebmans have been using a sea serpent to accomplish this in a bid for more power. Florimel has been making mild rebellion against Eric, and some popular opinion is with her because of the food shortages due to the shipping issues. Eric has requested that all loyal Amberites return to Amber for “an accounting”. Oberon has been missing for several years.

The net effect of this gathering has been to bring many of the children to Amber after long stints again, namely Rogan, Ciara, Ava, Frederick, and Lucius. Val, son of Florimel, is also in Amber, and is known to have a very rocky relationship with his mother; he’s known as a bit of a rogue. The elders present have all been busy in very important meetings, all of which we’ve been excluded from—including Lucius, who feels he ought to be, given Oberon is his father. Notably, Benedict and Caine haven’t appeared.

Over drinks with Val (Florimel’s partially estranged son) various rumors are discussed—the trump calls, the sea serpent, the corpse of the out-of-shadow messenger—and various grievances with the elders are aired. During the conversation, A and C are individually contacted by a mysterious presence via trump, an experience they’ve never had before, but both manage to elude the gauntleted, six-fingered hand that tries to detain them with help from others in the room. They make a report first to Julian, then to Eric and Corwin, and have an impromptu conversation in the hallway with Fiona, who delivers them some advice on how to deal with the situation, which mostly amounts to keeping guards and lovers close while they’re sleeping. R, L, and F have a look a the corpse of the shadow messenger. L gives up after a cursory examination, F takes some crude samples in a burlap sack to feed to dogs (“testing for poison”), R takes some cleaner ones with his analysis kit (actually testing for poison).

When A and C return to the Blue Room for more drinks, they find L drinking, Val missing, the servants assaulted, and after following the servants to the infirmary, are both attacked by the black trump contact again. The ensuing commotion calls L, R, and F to the aid of the girls, arriving just in time to fail helping, as L helps A when it becomes clear she needs it, and Corwin helped C with Greyswandir.

Session 2
Trouble abroad

Investigating the Leviathan in Talderaan, which had a sighting of the beast two weeks ago. Very few elements of its description match from story to story, except its size: a mile long! It tends to stay near the surface, and unfortunately didn’t leave any traces of itself behind. It seems to have been traveling on shadow paths: from Talderaan to Furia, and seems to have arrived by way of a new and recently created shadow path. It seems to have a hypnotic effect on certain persons, manifesting in Talderaan as a cult.

In Talderaan is Florimel, somewhat to our surprise, and while exchanging pleasantries with her, Lucius drops the bombshell that Val is missing with no trace from the palace of Amber under the most mysterious circumstances possible, with no sugar-coating at all. What a douche.

Lucius, fascinated by the fast rise of the local cult, questions and tortures some of the captive members—to the general approbation of the local lord’s torturers.

A Rebman ship in the harbor, in Talderaan on an unknown mission, was set ablaze by Frederick to the extreme consternation of Florimel. Aboard the ship was Llewella’s daughter—Lilian—so the mischief is now considered an assassination attempt. Flora is furious, and says she wants to believe us (Rogan, Ciara, Ava) that we had nothing to do with it, but finds it very hard to do. She insinuates that Corwin, the admiral of Amber’s navy, should have been doing more to abate the nuisance of both the Rebman attrition and the leviathan, and that consequently he might be responsible.

L followed up on the at-large cultists, finds them near the sea, and attempts to install himself as their leader. Among the adherents is Princess Melissa, wife of Lucas, the aforementioned local lord. He has an altercation with the group, and is injured by a druid who joined the cult, scratched by his “hand” that looks more like the claw mark of a wolf: an injury identical to that on the dead body of the messenger in Amber.

After all the folderol, we decide to depart Talderaan, and Lucius agrees to deliver a letter to Eric from Lucas.

Back on the ship, the crew is missing and there are corpses in the water: only the cabin boy is left alive, tied and gagged in the captain’s chair. He tells a tale of blue women with beautiful voices who killed everyone aboard. The cabin boy delivers to Ciara a trump card of the woman we saw standing on the shore during our departure—presumably Lilian.

Session 3
Multiverse of Multiverses

While chasing the Leviathan along its path to Furia it becomes clear that someone is altering our shadow walk. The sky turns a deep purple rather than the cyan of usual. Before significant investigation could occur however the Leviathan erupted from the ocean’s ahead of us and destroyed Gerard’s ship in one terrible crash. Luscius trumped Gerard to offer aid and determined that he was safe, contained within a crystal. While this strangeness would normally be investigated immediately escaping quickly became the priority.

Rogan manipulated shadow, rapidly causing a set of changes to distance us from the creature. The area around us became crystal and the waters calmed. Shadow reacted strangely to his touch and it began to seem as if we were being brought somewhere. Ava spotted a small single man ship which contained everyone’s favorite uncle Prince Brand. He quickly took control of the situation, issuing orders and delivering vague and unsettling pronouncements while leading us towards a pillar of blackness rising from the sea.

We entered the blackness and found ourselves in a strange empty place. A void, bereft of physical form all that held us together was the pattern within us. We could hear other patterns in that place, but we resisted and after a time that could have been seconds or eons we were cast forth into a grassy plain.

Somehow we had one more member than we originally started with as disturbingly there were now two identical Lucius’ whose bickering quickly became quite obnoxious. The events that followed were difficult to fathom, so I will summarize and let the reader make of it what they will.

The shadow we were in was a place called Wayland, and was the home of a man named Galiat and his wife Sarine. Galiat claimed to be an Amberite, the son of Gerard and Sarine claimed to be of a place called chaos. According to them we were in a different version of Amber, one where the only surviving shadow was Wayland. The rest of shadow had been swallowed by a curse that turned Amberites to crystal and then consumed all of shadow.

Galiat had claimed to be casting a spell to pull Wayland from the universe to another Amber but had instead acquired us. Rogan and Corwin determined to aid Galiat in a second attempt as two new disturing events had begun. The Leviathan whom Sarine and Galiat claimed was a manifestation of a thing called the serpent of Chaos tore through the earth having followed us to this place while at the same time the crystal curse began to take strike Corwin. While the ritual was cast Ava, Ciara and Luscius along with Sarine and an order of knights called the Prismatic order fought to hold off the leviathan until the ritual was cast.

It was a close thing, however the ritual was largely successful. Wayland was moved from that universe however not to our own. We found ourselves attached to a place that was disturbingly similar to Amber. We met the master of the place a ghost who called himself Delwin and claimed to be our relative. He told us many things, that he had been betrayed and killed by one from our universe. That there were many universes, with many Ambers and forces from outside were constantly trying to assault them. That the gate to our universe had been broken and three chaos fragments had begun to assault our home.

We left a Luscius in that place after it became clear the two of them could not coexist. Galiat was given a ghostly trump of his missing son Jonan whom Delwin claimed to have relocated to a different universe. He was given instruction to use that trump within the city of Tir’na’nagoth. Delwin sent us down a long hallway where we leapt through empty space to land on a spinning rock inhabited by a race of people called the Velaar.

I will not dwell on the Velaar, who claimed to be an ally of the gatekeeper Delwin before he was betrayed. With the Velaar we met a man named Pierce who called himself a son of Bennedict. We travelled through what must have been shadows using the most curious of methods. A capsule was shot forth and after a time we arrived as a meteor in a shadow chosen by Ciara. To further stress belief in our credibility we encountered Fiona who greeted us pleasantly (for her) upon our arrival. We immediately headed back to Amber where we went to Tir’na’nagoth and Galiat used the ghostly trump to summon his son Jonan to us.

Session Log by Game Master

Session 4
Time flies

Pierce and Jonan joined us for an exploration of Tir’na’nagoth where we saw many disturbing acts of ghostly violence among the family. A theme of the events seemed to be conflict between Amber and Rebma. The most meaningful of the events was a ghost of Oberon leaving the city who then after saying “It must be done,” hurled the Jewel of Judgement into the ocean. This event was disturbing on two levels, the first that one does not normally hear the voices of the ghosts in that place, and the second that the Jewel that he threw seemed to be the actual Jewel of Judgement.

With the coming of a storm we left that place to reach Amber. We were not greeted pleasantly and chose to relocated to Ciara’s father Bennedict. Something interrupted the trump before Ciara could come through. Fiona showed up with a suspicious immediacy and escorted Ciara to see the newly crowned King Eric of Amber. Meanwhile the rest of the group was with an extremely distraught Prince Bennedict.

It seemed that four years had passed since the battle with the Leviathan and the general consensus was that we had all perished. Many things had occurred during our absence including a failed assault on Amber by Floramelle, a failed assassination of Eric by Bennedict and the invasion of shadow by a race of beings called the Sidereals.

Bennedict, thinking his daughter being held hostage immediately attempted to contact multiple people in Amber, ignoring all of us gathered about him. Frederick, disliking being ignored began to whistle. This seemed to aggravate Bennedict further and ended with a backhand that fractured Frederick’s jaw and sent him sprawling into a wall. With no response from Amber Bennedict began hell riding to Amber.

After he departed Fiona arrived and rather blatantly and suspiciously looked over Bennedict’s battle plans. She also casually made it known that Frederick was her son before departing as abruptly as she arrived.

In Amber Bennedict attempted to kill Eric, and would have been successful except for the distraction of his daughter interrupting the battle. Eric lost an eye and Bennedict an arm before the fight was ended. Julian carried Bennedict from Amber on Morganstern and has not been seen since.

With the aid of Prince Random Ciara joined the rest of us in Bennedict’s war room where we discussed our next actions. Corwin was convinced to take over Bennedict’s role as war leader against the Sidereals while the rest of us would continue investigating the situation. We headed to Amber where Pierce boldly walked the pattern and asked it to send him to Val with the intent of rescuing him. Unfortunately he did not immediately return and it was assumed that something untoward had occurred.

With the aid of her father Prince Caine Ava broke through the trump barrier to Val and found him to be imprisoned in Rebma. He acknowledged that he had seen Pierce however he had held his breath until he lost consciousness rather than breathe the water and been escorted to the infirmary. The two of them broke out of the cell and attempted to fin Pierce, but were unfortunately overwhelmed by Rebman soldiers and seadogs. Ava escaped via trump to Luscius. The fate of Pierce and Val remains unknown.

Session Log by GM

Session 5

Ava had returned to us, injured but with knowledge of Val’s true kidnapper, Princess Llewella of Amber. Several of us determined the information could possibly be used to turn Floramelle who was imprisoned in Amber against her former ally Llewella. Luscius, Ava and Frederick visited her in the dungeons, finding her to be in a foul mood. As evidence of her former allies betrayal Luscius offered her the use of a trump of Val, which she used to escape.

The three immediately realized that their actions would be construed negatively by his majesty Eric of Amber. Luscius went to the pattern and began walking it immediately while Frederick and Ava decided to explain themselves. After interrogating them Prince Osric determined that at worst they were traitor’s and at best incompetent, a conclusion neither successfully denied. Ava was told to stay in Amber, and Luscius was given the assignment of finding a new hostage for Amber.

Luscius had requested the pattern take him to Oberon, and it succeeded. Delivering him to a strange place, a trap of sorts designed to keep him imprisoned. Using the blood of Amber Oberon and Luscius successfully drew a pattern that allowed them to escape their prison, where it was learned that Random had been behind Oberon’s imprisonment. After Oberon imprisoned Random Luscius promptly lost consciousness from loss of blood. When he next awoke it was under the care of the formerly exiled Deirdre. Oberon was gone, however his final command was that he who held the jewel would reign in Amber.

Deirdre returned to Amber and asked Rogan to trump Luscius, allowing him to return from the far edges of the universe. Rogan rod outside of Amber as Luscius would not be welcomed by the current rulership and attempted to make contact. The Luscius who answered however was uninterested in the conversation, or travelling to Amber preferring to remain on his throne in shadow.

During his ride Rogan had found a strange shadow path too close to Amber to exist. Its exit point was coated in black ooze and permeated by the smell of death and sulfur. He chose to follow the path, which would eventually lead him quite far from Amber, at an extremely rapid rate.

In Amber Ava’s practice was interrupted by an invasion of Morphlings lead by Gerard. The morphlings succesfully conquered the castle, and Ava, Ciara and Frederick escaped to Rogan. Frederick made arrangements for the badly injured Ava to receive medical attention while Rogan and Ciara continued to follow the strange path. They had concluded that the path was how the morphlings had reached Amber.

The path’s terminus ended in a geometric web, or wireframe of paths floating in endless space. At the center of the pathways a great light bloomed, which upon closer inspection was found to be a city. Upon their approach a party from the city met them. Two were vague and indistinct in form, while the leader appeared as a teal colored woman, whose garments appeared to be part of her. The woman whose name was Mierin spoke with them for a time, displaying several form altering abilities. She informed them that Gerard had recently departed their city with several of her people, but did not know the details of mission or intentions.

Upon returning to Amber we found that the palace had fallen to the morphlings and was currently besieged by the forces of Amber. Julian, Caine and Fiona had set up a perimeter whose primary purpose was to keep Gerard and his morphlings penned up within the palace.

Session 6
Visiting Rebma
Session 7
Unpleasant Surprises

The group snuck into the castle via a secret passageway to try to find Jonan who had not been seen since the attack on the castle. While within the walls of the castle, they discovered Fiona talking with Gerard and she appeared to be playing both sides of the conflict. Ciara and Lucius observed Gerard being notified by a morphling that there were intruders in the castle and so the group quickly escaped back to Benedict’s camp before they were discovered. Benedict was not pleased at their reckless trip into the enemy territory.

While Julian and Caine headed off to gather armies, the others decided to try to obtain a trump of Jonan from Delwin since they hadn’t found him in the Castle. They headed into shadow to Ciara’s house where they had left Pierce’s asteroid which they planned to use to get to Delwin. When the group arrived at Ciara’s house, they found it to be in disrepair, the servants murdered in the entryway, and an ominous note pinned to the front steps along with a six-fingered gauntlet.

When they were examining the asteroid to determine whether it was still travel-worthy, Ciara noticed they were being watched by greymen. They quickly took off in the asteroid and on the way to Delwin, they found an old Citerale palace where they met Pierce’s half-sister Gwenlyn along with several hostile Citerales.

The group made it to Delwin and the gate. While they were discussing matters with Delwin, Lucius trumped Brand and brought him back from the crystal universe. In exchange for a ghostly trump of Jonan Lucius, much to the group’s dismay, fed Delwin some of the life energy he had obtained from the fight with the Citerales which made the ghost more lucid.

Session 8
A New Mission

After receiving the trump of Jonan from the ghostly Delwin, the group returned to Pierce’s asteroid ship to travel back home. While flying through emptiness, the dead Sidereal that Rogan wanted to bring back for study and was encased in the wall of the ship came back to life and the asteroid began to break apart. It split in two and they fell through shattered shadows into bucolic shadow suffering a zombie apocalypse. The group “borrowed” a car from a farmer and hell-drove through shadow while being pursued by a suspicious man on a motorcycle.

After losing their follower they headed toward Amber, but where unable to reach it as someone had blocked the way with shadow traps. They tried a variety of pathways to Amber, but whoever had placed the traps was very thorough, so they trumped Llewella and went to Rebma.

Once there, they discovered from Llewella that while they had been gone for three years Random and the Sidereal took over the palace after Caine and Julian had retaken it from Gerard and the morphlings control. There are strange issues with the castle including doors randomly appearing and disappearing, rooms becoming inaccessible, and hallways leading to new places. In addition, Gerard working together with Random defeated Corwin in shadow, Oberon may be locked away again as no one has seen him recently, nor have Eric or Dierdre been seen since the original attack. On top of all these new surprises, there have been encounters with “Amberite” strangers throughout shadow.

In order to continue the search for Jonan, the group fought their way up the stairs of Amber with the assistance of Rebman soldiers and then snuck through the forest up to Kolvir to the steps of Tir na’goth. While they waited for nightfall, Ava snuck into the city to check on an artifact in her manor, but discovered that someone named Cedro and claiming to be an Amberite had taken up residence. Meanwhile up on the hill, Oberon had trumped Lucius and came through to give the group a new mission: find Galiat and retrieve the Jewel of Judgement.

When night fell, Ava returned and the group ascended the stairs to the ghostly city of Amber. After another unpleasant interaction with Fiona, and a frustrating trump with Benedict, the group was joined by a reluctant Julian. They trumped Jonan who was in a place called the Origin and went through to him. There they met King Allerin and discussed a potential treaty with him. The group had just missed Galiat who had taken the jewel and traveled to Chaos.

Session 9
Through the Abyss

King Allerin’s son Daevin led the group through the Abyss so that they could get to Chaos and catch up to Galiat who was in possession of the Jewel of Judgement. In the Abyss the they encountered a giant beast, several strength trials, and a trapped son of Corwin named Cadegan.

After making their way through the trials, they reached a spire with stairs leading up to Chaos. There was a ruined fortress at the base of the spire and a sleeping guardian. Rogan and Ciara were attempting to negotiate their way past the Abyssal Knight, but their attempt was foiled by a snarky comment that was classic Lucius which unsurprisingly enraged the knight. She and Lucius fought, but before Lucius defeated her she was able to summon a dragon which brought the rest of the party into the fight.

The group was ultimately victorious, but several were seriously injured. Jonan was gravely injured and rendered unconcious, Ciara had broken ribs after being crushed by the dragon, and Julian had been smashed in between the dragons hands. However, Lucius fared the worst, with half of his face melted by dragon fire, tainted with abyssal power, and possessed by the slain knight, a female named Misteria.

After the fight, Lucius animated the dragon but had to leave him when the group left the Abyss and made their way to Thelbane where they got healed. It turns out they had once again just missed Galiat who left with Queen Jaela of Chaos for Amber with the jewel.

Session 10
The Leviathan and the Tree

The group borrowed Galiat’s trump from his wife the Lady Sarine and went through to him and Queen Jaela who were in the Crystalline universe’s Amber. The party offered to help Galiat solve his problem with the Crystal that had taken over his universe in exchange for him returning to their Amber to help them.

The group went through a hostile mist where wolves and satyrs formed and attacked them. They fought them off and made their way to the tree construct that Galiat wanted to destroy. Rogan confirmed that the construct had taken control of the Leviathan so Ciara, Julian, and Ava distracted the giant serpent while Rogan and Lucius burned the heart of the construct. Lucius and Rogan barely escaped the flame and an abyssal Dierdre who appeared in the tunnel under the tree. Queen Jaela protected Galiat while he cast an impressive spell and then held off Dierdre while Galiat transported the group to Wayland and safety. Julian had substantial crystal infection and when the spell teleported everyone back to Wayland, the crystal exploded, taking his arm with it.

After everyone recuperated, Lucius went through several trials in the Abyss to try to fix his little possession problem and in the process acquired a new abyssal power.


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