Session 9

Through the Abyss

King Allerin’s son Daevin led the group through the Abyss so that they could get to Chaos and catch up to Galiat who was in possession of the Jewel of Judgement. In the Abyss the they encountered a giant beast, several strength trials, and a trapped son of Corwin named Cadegan.

After making their way through the trials, they reached a spire with stairs leading up to Chaos. There was a ruined fortress at the base of the spire and a sleeping guardian. Rogan and Ciara were attempting to negotiate their way past the Abyssal Knight, but their attempt was foiled by a snarky comment that was classic Lucius which unsurprisingly enraged the knight. She and Lucius fought, but before Lucius defeated her she was able to summon a dragon which brought the rest of the party into the fight.

The group was ultimately victorious, but several were seriously injured. Jonan was gravely injured and rendered unconcious, Ciara had broken ribs after being crushed by the dragon, and Julian had been smashed in between the dragons hands. However, Lucius fared the worst, with half of his face melted by dragon fire, tainted with abyssal power, and possessed by the slain knight, a female named Misteria.

After the fight, Lucius animated the dragon but had to leave him when the group left the Abyss and made their way to Thelbane where they got healed. It turns out they had once again just missed Galiat who left with Queen Jaela of Chaos for Amber with the jewel.


AshenHaze Aurorae

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