Session 8

A New Mission

After receiving the trump of Jonan from the ghostly Delwin, the group returned to Pierce’s asteroid ship to travel back home. While flying through emptiness, the dead Sidereal that Rogan wanted to bring back for study and was encased in the wall of the ship came back to life and the asteroid began to break apart. It split in two and they fell through shattered shadows into bucolic shadow suffering a zombie apocalypse. The group “borrowed” a car from a farmer and hell-drove through shadow while being pursued by a suspicious man on a motorcycle.

After losing their follower they headed toward Amber, but where unable to reach it as someone had blocked the way with shadow traps. They tried a variety of pathways to Amber, but whoever had placed the traps was very thorough, so they trumped Llewella and went to Rebma.

Once there, they discovered from Llewella that while they had been gone for three years Random and the Sidereal took over the palace after Caine and Julian had retaken it from Gerard and the morphlings control. There are strange issues with the castle including doors randomly appearing and disappearing, rooms becoming inaccessible, and hallways leading to new places. In addition, Gerard working together with Random defeated Corwin in shadow, Oberon may be locked away again as no one has seen him recently, nor have Eric or Dierdre been seen since the original attack. On top of all these new surprises, there have been encounters with “Amberite” strangers throughout shadow.

In order to continue the search for Jonan, the group fought their way up the stairs of Amber with the assistance of Rebman soldiers and then snuck through the forest up to Kolvir to the steps of Tir na’goth. While they waited for nightfall, Ava snuck into the city to check on an artifact in her manor, but discovered that someone named Cedro and claiming to be an Amberite had taken up residence. Meanwhile up on the hill, Oberon had trumped Lucius and came through to give the group a new mission: find Galiat and retrieve the Jewel of Judgement.

When night fell, Ava returned and the group ascended the stairs to the ghostly city of Amber. After another unpleasant interaction with Fiona, and a frustrating trump with Benedict, the group was joined by a reluctant Julian. They trumped Jonan who was in a place called the Origin and went through to him. There they met King Allerin and discussed a potential treaty with him. The group had just missed Galiat who had taken the jewel and traveled to Chaos.


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