Session 7

Unpleasant Surprises

The group snuck into the castle via a secret passageway to try to find Jonan who had not been seen since the attack on the castle. While within the walls of the castle, they discovered Fiona talking with Gerard and she appeared to be playing both sides of the conflict. Ciara and Lucius observed Gerard being notified by a morphling that there were intruders in the castle and so the group quickly escaped back to Benedict’s camp before they were discovered. Benedict was not pleased at their reckless trip into the enemy territory.

While Julian and Caine headed off to gather armies, the others decided to try to obtain a trump of Jonan from Delwin since they hadn’t found him in the Castle. They headed into shadow to Ciara’s house where they had left Pierce’s asteroid which they planned to use to get to Delwin. When the group arrived at Ciara’s house, they found it to be in disrepair, the servants murdered in the entryway, and an ominous note pinned to the front steps along with a six-fingered gauntlet.

When they were examining the asteroid to determine whether it was still travel-worthy, Ciara noticed they were being watched by greymen. They quickly took off in the asteroid and on the way to Delwin, they found an old Citerale palace where they met Pierce’s half-sister Gwenlyn along with several hostile Citerales.

The group made it to Delwin and the gate. While they were discussing matters with Delwin, Lucius trumped Brand and brought him back from the crystal universe. In exchange for a ghostly trump of Jonan Lucius, much to the group’s dismay, fed Delwin some of the life energy he had obtained from the fight with the Citerales which made the ghost more lucid.


AshenHaze Aurorae

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