Session 5


Ava had returned to us, injured but with knowledge of Val’s true kidnapper, Princess Llewella of Amber. Several of us determined the information could possibly be used to turn Floramelle who was imprisoned in Amber against her former ally Llewella. Luscius, Ava and Frederick visited her in the dungeons, finding her to be in a foul mood. As evidence of her former allies betrayal Luscius offered her the use of a trump of Val, which she used to escape.

The three immediately realized that their actions would be construed negatively by his majesty Eric of Amber. Luscius went to the pattern and began walking it immediately while Frederick and Ava decided to explain themselves. After interrogating them Prince Osric determined that at worst they were traitor’s and at best incompetent, a conclusion neither successfully denied. Ava was told to stay in Amber, and Luscius was given the assignment of finding a new hostage for Amber.

Luscius had requested the pattern take him to Oberon, and it succeeded. Delivering him to a strange place, a trap of sorts designed to keep him imprisoned. Using the blood of Amber Oberon and Luscius successfully drew a pattern that allowed them to escape their prison, where it was learned that Random had been behind Oberon’s imprisonment. After Oberon imprisoned Random Luscius promptly lost consciousness from loss of blood. When he next awoke it was under the care of the formerly exiled Deirdre. Oberon was gone, however his final command was that he who held the jewel would reign in Amber.

Deirdre returned to Amber and asked Rogan to trump Luscius, allowing him to return from the far edges of the universe. Rogan rod outside of Amber as Luscius would not be welcomed by the current rulership and attempted to make contact. The Luscius who answered however was uninterested in the conversation, or travelling to Amber preferring to remain on his throne in shadow.

During his ride Rogan had found a strange shadow path too close to Amber to exist. Its exit point was coated in black ooze and permeated by the smell of death and sulfur. He chose to follow the path, which would eventually lead him quite far from Amber, at an extremely rapid rate.

In Amber Ava’s practice was interrupted by an invasion of Morphlings lead by Gerard. The morphlings succesfully conquered the castle, and Ava, Ciara and Frederick escaped to Rogan. Frederick made arrangements for the badly injured Ava to receive medical attention while Rogan and Ciara continued to follow the strange path. They had concluded that the path was how the morphlings had reached Amber.

The path’s terminus ended in a geometric web, or wireframe of paths floating in endless space. At the center of the pathways a great light bloomed, which upon closer inspection was found to be a city. Upon their approach a party from the city met them. Two were vague and indistinct in form, while the leader appeared as a teal colored woman, whose garments appeared to be part of her. The woman whose name was Mierin spoke with them for a time, displaying several form altering abilities. She informed them that Gerard had recently departed their city with several of her people, but did not know the details of mission or intentions.

Upon returning to Amber we found that the palace had fallen to the morphlings and was currently besieged by the forces of Amber. Julian, Caine and Fiona had set up a perimeter whose primary purpose was to keep Gerard and his morphlings penned up within the palace.


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