Session 4

Time flies

Pierce and Jonan joined us for an exploration of Tir’na’nagoth where we saw many disturbing acts of ghostly violence among the family. A theme of the events seemed to be conflict between Amber and Rebma. The most meaningful of the events was a ghost of Oberon leaving the city who then after saying “It must be done,” hurled the Jewel of Judgement into the ocean. This event was disturbing on two levels, the first that one does not normally hear the voices of the ghosts in that place, and the second that the Jewel that he threw seemed to be the actual Jewel of Judgement.

With the coming of a storm we left that place to reach Amber. We were not greeted pleasantly and chose to relocated to Ciara’s father Bennedict. Something interrupted the trump before Ciara could come through. Fiona showed up with a suspicious immediacy and escorted Ciara to see the newly crowned King Eric of Amber. Meanwhile the rest of the group was with an extremely distraught Prince Bennedict.

It seemed that four years had passed since the battle with the Leviathan and the general consensus was that we had all perished. Many things had occurred during our absence including a failed assault on Amber by Floramelle, a failed assassination of Eric by Bennedict and the invasion of shadow by a race of beings called the Sidereals.

Bennedict, thinking his daughter being held hostage immediately attempted to contact multiple people in Amber, ignoring all of us gathered about him. Frederick, disliking being ignored began to whistle. This seemed to aggravate Bennedict further and ended with a backhand that fractured Frederick’s jaw and sent him sprawling into a wall. With no response from Amber Bennedict began hell riding to Amber.

After he departed Fiona arrived and rather blatantly and suspiciously looked over Bennedict’s battle plans. She also casually made it known that Frederick was her son before departing as abruptly as she arrived.

In Amber Bennedict attempted to kill Eric, and would have been successful except for the distraction of his daughter interrupting the battle. Eric lost an eye and Bennedict an arm before the fight was ended. Julian carried Bennedict from Amber on Morganstern and has not been seen since.

With the aid of Prince Random Ciara joined the rest of us in Bennedict’s war room where we discussed our next actions. Corwin was convinced to take over Bennedict’s role as war leader against the Sidereals while the rest of us would continue investigating the situation. We headed to Amber where Pierce boldly walked the pattern and asked it to send him to Val with the intent of rescuing him. Unfortunately he did not immediately return and it was assumed that something untoward had occurred.

With the aid of her father Prince Caine Ava broke through the trump barrier to Val and found him to be imprisoned in Rebma. He acknowledged that he had seen Pierce however he had held his breath until he lost consciousness rather than breathe the water and been escorted to the infirmary. The two of them broke out of the cell and attempted to fin Pierce, but were unfortunately overwhelmed by Rebman soldiers and seadogs. Ava escaped via trump to Luscius. The fate of Pierce and Val remains unknown.

Session Log by GM


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