Session 3

Multiverse of Multiverses

While chasing the Leviathan along its path to Furia it becomes clear that someone is altering our shadow walk. The sky turns a deep purple rather than the cyan of usual. Before significant investigation could occur however the Leviathan erupted from the ocean’s ahead of us and destroyed Gerard’s ship in one terrible crash. Luscius trumped Gerard to offer aid and determined that he was safe, contained within a crystal. While this strangeness would normally be investigated immediately escaping quickly became the priority.

Rogan manipulated shadow, rapidly causing a set of changes to distance us from the creature. The area around us became crystal and the waters calmed. Shadow reacted strangely to his touch and it began to seem as if we were being brought somewhere. Ava spotted a small single man ship which contained everyone’s favorite uncle Prince Brand. He quickly took control of the situation, issuing orders and delivering vague and unsettling pronouncements while leading us towards a pillar of blackness rising from the sea.

We entered the blackness and found ourselves in a strange empty place. A void, bereft of physical form all that held us together was the pattern within us. We could hear other patterns in that place, but we resisted and after a time that could have been seconds or eons we were cast forth into a grassy plain.

Somehow we had one more member than we originally started with as disturbingly there were now two identical Lucius’ whose bickering quickly became quite obnoxious. The events that followed were difficult to fathom, so I will summarize and let the reader make of it what they will.

The shadow we were in was a place called Wayland, and was the home of a man named Galiat and his wife Sarine. Galiat claimed to be an Amberite, the son of Gerard and Sarine claimed to be of a place called chaos. According to them we were in a different version of Amber, one where the only surviving shadow was Wayland. The rest of shadow had been swallowed by a curse that turned Amberites to crystal and then consumed all of shadow.

Galiat had claimed to be casting a spell to pull Wayland from the universe to another Amber but had instead acquired us. Rogan and Corwin determined to aid Galiat in a second attempt as two new disturing events had begun. The Leviathan whom Sarine and Galiat claimed was a manifestation of a thing called the serpent of Chaos tore through the earth having followed us to this place while at the same time the crystal curse began to take strike Corwin. While the ritual was cast Ava, Ciara and Luscius along with Sarine and an order of knights called the Prismatic order fought to hold off the leviathan until the ritual was cast.

It was a close thing, however the ritual was largely successful. Wayland was moved from that universe however not to our own. We found ourselves attached to a place that was disturbingly similar to Amber. We met the master of the place a ghost who called himself Delwin and claimed to be our relative. He told us many things, that he had been betrayed and killed by one from our universe. That there were many universes, with many Ambers and forces from outside were constantly trying to assault them. That the gate to our universe had been broken and three chaos fragments had begun to assault our home.

We left a Luscius in that place after it became clear the two of them could not coexist. Galiat was given a ghostly trump of his missing son Jonan whom Delwin claimed to have relocated to a different universe. He was given instruction to use that trump within the city of Tir’na’nagoth. Delwin sent us down a long hallway where we leapt through empty space to land on a spinning rock inhabited by a race of people called the Velaar.

I will not dwell on the Velaar, who claimed to be an ally of the gatekeeper Delwin before he was betrayed. With the Velaar we met a man named Pierce who called himself a son of Bennedict. We travelled through what must have been shadows using the most curious of methods. A capsule was shot forth and after a time we arrived as a meteor in a shadow chosen by Ciara. To further stress belief in our credibility we encountered Fiona who greeted us pleasantly (for her) upon our arrival. We immediately headed back to Amber where we went to Tir’na’nagoth and Galiat used the ghostly trump to summon his son Jonan to us.

Session Log by Game Master


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