Session 2

Trouble abroad

Investigating the Leviathan in Talderaan, which had a sighting of the beast two weeks ago. Very few elements of its description match from story to story, except its size: a mile long! It tends to stay near the surface, and unfortunately didn’t leave any traces of itself behind. It seems to have been traveling on shadow paths: from Talderaan to Furia, and seems to have arrived by way of a new and recently created shadow path. It seems to have a hypnotic effect on certain persons, manifesting in Talderaan as a cult.

In Talderaan is Florimel, somewhat to our surprise, and while exchanging pleasantries with her, Lucius drops the bombshell that Val is missing with no trace from the palace of Amber under the most mysterious circumstances possible, with no sugar-coating at all. What a douche.

Lucius, fascinated by the fast rise of the local cult, questions and tortures some of the captive members—to the general approbation of the local lord’s torturers.

A Rebman ship in the harbor, in Talderaan on an unknown mission, was set ablaze by Frederick to the extreme consternation of Florimel. Aboard the ship was Llewella’s daughter—Lilian—so the mischief is now considered an assassination attempt. Flora is furious, and says she wants to believe us (Rogan, Ciara, Ava) that we had nothing to do with it, but finds it very hard to do. She insinuates that Corwin, the admiral of Amber’s navy, should have been doing more to abate the nuisance of both the Rebman attrition and the leviathan, and that consequently he might be responsible.

L followed up on the at-large cultists, finds them near the sea, and attempts to install himself as their leader. Among the adherents is Princess Melissa, wife of Lucas, the aforementioned local lord. He has an altercation with the group, and is injured by a druid who joined the cult, scratched by his “hand” that looks more like the claw mark of a wolf: an injury identical to that on the dead body of the messenger in Amber.

After all the folderol, we decide to depart Talderaan, and Lucius agrees to deliver a letter to Eric from Lucas.

Back on the ship, the crew is missing and there are corpses in the water: only the cabin boy is left alive, tied and gagged in the captain’s chair. He tells a tale of blue women with beautiful voices who killed everyone aboard. The cabin boy delivers to Ciara a trump card of the woman we saw standing on the shore during our departure—presumably Lilian.


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