Session 10

The Leviathan and the Tree

The group borrowed Galiat’s trump from his wife the Lady Sarine and went through to him and Queen Jaela who were in the Crystalline universe’s Amber. The party offered to help Galiat solve his problem with the Crystal that had taken over his universe in exchange for him returning to their Amber to help them.

The group went through a hostile mist where wolves and satyrs formed and attacked them. They fought them off and made their way to the tree construct that Galiat wanted to destroy. Rogan confirmed that the construct had taken control of the Leviathan so Ciara, Julian, and Ava distracted the giant serpent while Rogan and Lucius burned the heart of the construct. Lucius and Rogan barely escaped the flame and an abyssal Dierdre who appeared in the tunnel under the tree. Queen Jaela protected Galiat while he cast an impressive spell and then held off Dierdre while Galiat transported the group to Wayland and safety. Julian had substantial crystal infection and when the spell teleported everyone back to Wayland, the crystal exploded, taking his arm with it.

After everyone recuperated, Lucius went through several trials in the Abyss to try to fix his little possession problem and in the process acquired a new abyssal power.


AshenHaze Aurorae

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